Our curriculum currently runs for two whole school years. These are just some of the highlights we have during a normal Arribada Club programme, for both our Year One and Year Two students.

APRIL | Animal GPS Tracking II

The results were back! After leaving Sokis with his GPS collar for half a day, we met up with him – in the middle of one of his leisurely afternoon strolls –, and took off the tracker. In the classroom, we plugged the GPS device into a computer and plotted his track onto a map of the city.

It was time to interpret the data. And, this was the perfect opportunity to introduce students to the workings of a spreadsheet. The tracker had registered Sokis’ movements every half-hour for 6 and a half hours, giving us 13 points in all. We prepared the spreadsheet so that the students would have to fill in a column with the places our canine mascot had visited.

And, where did he go? “What’s that place on the map?”, “It’s behind the church!”, the students would call out. “Now, follow the line… Where did he go next?”, “He went to D&D Restaurant!”. And, one by one, they added the familiar places of their city to the spreadsheet.

After the ‘Place’ column, they had one with ‘Distance’ that they also had to interpret. “How much did he have to walk between D&D and the Grocery Store?”, “143 meters!”. And, finally they learned how to use the, so very useful, SUM function, as they added up all the distances Sokis had traversed.

“So, how much did Sokis walk, all in all?”, “1.653 metres!”. He had walked all around the city, and – much to our surprise – we even discovered that he had found the time to go to the beach! Our mascot sure does get around…