Our curriculum currently runs for two whole school years. These are just some of the highlights we have during a normal Arribada Club programme, for both our Year One and Year Two students.

DECEMBER | X, Y… and then Z!

After learning about the X and Y coordinates on our classroom floor – this in their first year at Arribada – it is time for our second-year students to graduate to another axis. They already know about X and Y, but what about Z? Where does it even point to?!

Well, it points up! And, down, actually… But, because we can’t really dig holes in our classroom, we’ll just add a Z-pole to our silver-tape and chalk grid and stick to the positive numbers. If X and Y gave us length and width to work with, adding Z gives us volume! So we had to come up with some solid, 3D objects to play with…

And, that we did… With cubes. Cardboard cubes, to be exact. A whole lot of them! Seeing that our students are already coordinates experts, they had no trouble dealing with the new variable of height to create a variety of different shapes with them. Following instructions on the X, Y and Z coordinates, they built ‘towers’, ‘walls’, ‘stairs’, a ‘giant cube’, and even a ‘roofless house’ to which they added a door!

This was the perfect way to prepare them for our next module… 3D modelling! After this, it was time to go back to the computer and put this new knowledge to good use.